Fresh Brew Bible Study returns in September

Join us as we serve up the New Testament Letters of Peter, James and Jude and see how each of them strengthens the Early Christian Communities. This study covers four New Testament letters traditionally known as the Catholic Letters because each is written to strengthen Christian communities scattered across a wide region of the Roman Empire rather than a specific Christian community.

Participants will discover that they contain profound differences as well as intriguing similarities. James is a work of wisdom literature, expounding on the themes of faith and good works, true wisdom, and the need for the rich to care for the poor. First Peter resembles a sermon on baptism. It is filled with moral exhortations about living out one's baptismal promises in a properly upright, faith-filled manner, especially in the face of suffering and persecution.

Second Peter contains strong warnings and exhortations to avoid false teachings to maintain proper ethical conduct while awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ. It shares much of its content with Jude, because of which, Jude is studied in
conjunction with Second Peter.

We will be meeting on seven Wednesday Nights, from September 16th to October 28th, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the Saint Philip Neri Rectory Basement.

If you have any questions, contact Joe Banecker by email at []( or call on 610-828-0344.

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