Altar Society

One way of serving God is by helping to prepare the Altar for worship each week. Each Friday after the 8:30 a.m. Mass, a group is designated to clean the Altar area, the vestibule, and the baby room. The Holy Water fonts are cleaned out and pews are dusted. This task is completed in a half-hour or less. There are 5 designated teams of people. More volunteers are always welcome.

Altar Society Volunteers Needed

Saint Philip Neri Church is in need of volunteers to help clean the Church. Can you spare one hour on a Friday morning, once a month, to be part of a group that helps keep our Church beautiful? If you are interested please call the Church Office

Contact: Church Office 610.834.1975

Child Bereavement Group

An informal group of Moms (or Dads) who might want to get together and talk or just listen to others who understand how you feel.

Contact: Marianne O'Connor 610.825.4975 or Rosemary McNichol 215.247.2267


Evangelization is the essential mission of the Church. In our call to holiness, Catholics have such enthusiasm for our faith in Jesus that we freely share it with others. As the faith of parishioners grows, we increase our outreach to inactive Catholics as well as invite others to come and pray with us. Our parish looks for ways to promote the dignity of every person, the importance of family, and the common good of society so all can be transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Contact: Msgr. Vance 610.834.1975

Home Bound Ministries

Coordinates the visitation of those sick who are unable to participate in the Sunday liturgy. Weekly Communion services are held at Sunrise Assisted Living, I.H.S., and Spring Mill Manor. Our Eucharistic Ministers help here and also in visiting the sick of the parish bringing Communion to them after Sunday or daily Mass. The number of times the person is visited is arranged between the person and the visitor.

Contact: Church Office 610.834.1975


Provides transportation to Mass, doctors and dentists for people who have needs for transportation, and who live within our parish boundaries. Serious illness and moving out of the parish has sharply reduced the number of volunteers who drive for H.O.P.E. since the beginning of the group in 2001.

If you, or anyone you know, needs transportation to a doctor or dentist appointment, or to Church on Sunday, please call! (Additional weekday drivers and group leaders are needed.)

Contact: Anne/Bill Franks at 610.828.2530 E-mail: ann59bil@gmail.com

Liturgical Environment

Presently, a core group of volunteers are responsible for creating and maintaining floral and decorative displays proper to the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. New hands, elbow grease, and imaginations always welcome. No experience necessary.

Contact: Deanna Marrone 215.805.8477 E-mail: dmdm31796@aol.com