Parish Religious Education Program (CCD) Update

REGISTRATION for the Parish Religious Education Program (CCD) is now being taken for 2015‐2016.

Those registered at Saint Philip’s with an incoming child in Kindergarten and Grade 1 already received a letter and registration form. Those currently enrolled have already received their materials. The cost of the program is $200 for one child and $225 for 2 or more children. If you only have one or more children in Kindergarten, the cost is $100. Kindergarten classes are on Sunday mornings from 10:00‐10:50 AM . Grades 1‐6 have classes on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 4:00‐5:30 PM.

Bus transportation is available from Whitemarsh Elementary, Ridge Park, and Colonial Elementary both days for $50 per family. A child needs to attend only one class per week. The day of choice will be limited to the number of children who can ride the bus meeting a safe and legal limit. If you like children, have faith in God, and would like to get involved at Saint Philip’s we will supply you with catechetical training, teaching manuals, and resources.

Please call Dane Connelly at 610‐834‐ 9868 if you can lend a hand!

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