Adult Faith Formation Program

Adult Faith Formation encompasses programs designed for adult learning of all ages, such as workshops and instruction on various topics, evenings or days of reflection, small sharing groups, Scripture study groups and retreat opportunities. Its focus includes family activities such as family meals at the parish, family prayer experiences, pilgrimages and family outings. For those adults who are coming into the faith, the R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) program is available. The "Landings" program is offered for those who have been away from the church or the sacraments for any length of time and are considering a return. (See further information on these two programs in this directory.)

Journey Through Faith Study Group

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Contact: Linda Baneker - 610.828.0344

Parish Religious Education/CCD

Directed by Monsignor Vance, our parish Religious Education Program includes CCD, sacramental preparation for children, family retreats for those who are preparing to receive the sacraments of Penance and Confirmation, evenings or days of reflection, workshops, yearly mission and instruction on our faith by parish staff or assigned speakers. For those who are coming into the faith, we have the R.C.I.A. program (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) under the direction of Msgr. Vance. The responsibility of assisting in the direction of Adult Education Program is Dane Connelly, D.R.E. (Director of Religious Education).


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Sharon Otto -
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Youth Ministry

Contact - Father Anthony Hangholt