St. Philip Neri Coat of Arms Meaning

This symbol is probably familiar to you by now, it's on the bulletin cover, on the banners & signs around the grounds and on the banners decorating the sanctuary to name a few places.

The emblem represents in art, the mission and life goals of our patron, St. Philip Neri.

The three stars represent the virtues of Faith, Hope, & Charity and appeared on the family crest of St. Philip Neri.

The heart has a dual meaning, first it depicts the Sacred Hear of Jesus with a cross at the top symbolizing His love, even to death on a cross for us and secondly the enflamed heart of St. Philip, afire with love for Jesus.

The curved gold lines on either side depict the prayers of all the faithful as we journey on our way back to God. All is set on a blue background calling to mind the Blessed Mother and her special role in the life of Jesus.

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